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100% natural herbs and spices are used for each special formula. WholeHarmonyHealing | For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use as directed. Individual results may vary.

Deep Dive

Thoughtfully crafted tea to calm the mind and dive deep.

100% Organic Ingredients: Black Tea, Chamomile, Rose Hips, Elder Flower 2oz 

Lively Liver

Thoughtfully crafted blend to nourish and support the liver and detoxify the body.

100% Organic ingredients:

Roasted Dandelion Rt., Roasted Chicory Rt., Schisandra Berries, Ginger Chips, Licorice Rt.

Alpha Male

Supports the male reproductive system for better health in all ways 

Herbal Glow

Thoughtfully crafted blend to support your hair, skin and nails Support

100% Organic Ingredients: Oatstraw, Alfalfa, Horsetail, Raspberry, Nettle, Lemonbalm, Mints

Migraine Magik

Crafted with intention and magik to relive your headache.

Ingredients: Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Mint


La-La Land

A tea to calm the spirit, relax the mind and ease anxiety for a peaceful rest.

Ingredients: Rose Petals, Mugwort, Peppermint, Jasmine Flower, Cinnamon

Vitamin C Tea

Thoughtfully blended tea to boost the immune system

100% Organic Ingredients:

Rosehips, Wintergreen, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Nettle, Stevia, Spearmint, Orange Peel

Brain Boost

A thoughtfully blended afternoon tea to sharpen cognitive function and help you win the day 

100% Organic Ingredients: Peppermint, Tulsi, Gota Kola, Ginko Biloba, Dried Rosemary

Hibiscus Mint

A thoughtfully blended tea to strengthen the cardiovascular and digestive system

100% Organic Ingredients: Hibiscus and mint 

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