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The Worthy Woman Focuses specifically on rebuilding identity and self-worth after divorce. Divorce can be incredibly damaging to a woman's sense of who she is. rediscovering one's identity and learning to value yourself again .


Meet Jaleaa

I'm Jaleaa Lewis, founder of Whole Harmony Coaching. As a 2 time divorcee, RN and holistic healer myself, I understand the emotional and spiritual trauma of divorce.


Through my holistic coaching methods, hundreds of women just like you have healed from divorce and learned to love themselves again. Allow me to guide you back to loving yourself .


Through the program woman will feel

Empowered - They will feel a sense of empowerment from taking control of their emotional well-being and not letting their ex control how they feel.

- Liberated - Releasing attachments to the past and negative feelings will help them feel liberated and free to move forward in their life.


- Peaceful - Learning to process emotions in a healthy way and forgive themselves/their ex will help lower stress and bring a greater sense of inner peace.

- Lighter - Carrying less emotional baggage and negative self-talk will make them feel lighter and unburdened.

- Optimistic - With strengthened self-esteem and confidence, they will have an optimistic outlook on their future instead of dwelling in sadness over the divorce.

- Motivated - Newly discovered goals and sense of identity will motivate them to work on themselves and pursue fulfilling activities.

- Calm - Daily self-care practices will leave them feeling mentally and physically calm and balanced.

- Healed - The structured support and tools provided will help facilitate real emotional and psychological healing from the divorce experience.

- Inspired - Their personal growth journey may inspire taking on new challenges or helping other women going through similar situations. Overall, they will feel empowered, liberated and optimistic about their future as healed, confident women.

Banana Leaves

Weekly 1 hour private coaching sessions to process your emotions, gain clarity and create an action plan for healing.

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Benefits of Worthy Woman


Regain of self-confidence and self-worth

• Develop emotional stability, happiness and a sense of optimism

• Building a supportive community of like-minded women

• Learning how to productively channel emotions

• Creating a clear roadmap to a bright and hopeful future

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