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Hello June

Welcome to the month of June and the Gemini season. June is all about communication, ideas and socializing as Mercury ruled Gemini takes center stage.

Some key things to know about June:

The Gemini season begins on May 21st and lasts until June 20th each year. Gemini season is all about communication. Gemini season encourages us to network, learn and exchange ideas. Social events will be plentiful and this is a great time to catch up with friends. Writing, public speaking and learning are also favored activities now.

Here are my top affirmations that support the throat chakra and enhance communication:

  • My voice is important and valuable.

  • I express myself with confidence and clarity.

  • I communicate my thoughts and feelings freely.

  • I speak my truth with kindness and compassion.

  • I am a good listener and express myself authentically.

  • Creativity flows freely through my words.

  • I am open and honest in all my communications.

  • I trust my inner voice and intuition.

  • I communicate effectively and assertively.

  • My words have power and impact.

  • I release any fear of speaking my truth.

Overall, June is a lively, social and intellectually stimulating month. Get out there and connect with others through conversation. Share ideas, collaborate on projects and spread information. But also take time to relax and enjoy summer fun with loved ones. Wishing everyone a happy Gemini season!



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